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Rhetorical Essay Draft: Poison Persuasion

  A Fairy Tale of Poison Persuasion        Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, a girl whose voice serenaded the animals in the nearby forest, whose beauty trumped all those in the land and attracted a multitude … Continue reading

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Pathos melts.

    What will it take to make the world believe that our globe is melting? Some take the scientific route, incorporating the rhetorical devices of logos and ethos, something along the lines of “Scientists X, Y, and Z from … Continue reading

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The Sichuan Series Finale: Cold Sesame Noodles

You are extremely hot. You are hot because one, you’ve been reading about amazingly hot, spicy, and numbing Sichuan dishes, and two,  you are one mighty fine, attractive individual. So cool off, dawg, with some nice cold NOODLES. Slurp it … Continue reading

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