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Quantum phenomena are the underlying mechanism behind most of what we see and do during our day-to-day life. However, in most materials, quantum effects are obscured already at length-scales as small as the distance between two to five atoms within the substance, roughly one nanometer. Advances in emerging material systems during the last decade lead to novel types of materials, which are as thin as only one or a few atoms so that the entire material is only a surface or an ‘open’ interface. Systems of this kind, such as graphene and topological insulators, demonstrate quantum states that are protected and therefore are preserved over distances that are significantly larger than the length scale relevant to quantum phenomena in other materials. Our lab will utilize molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to fabricate clean quantum interface materials and hybridize these interfaces with clean functional materials. To examine the sought quantum phenomena at the interface/surface, scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS), 3He-4He Dilution Refrigerator and Neutron Scatterings will be involved in our labs.

Group News

02/2020 Jue Jiang’s paper “Concurrence of quantum anomalous Hall and topological Hall effects in magnetic topological insulator sandwich heterostructures” is published as an Article in Nature Materials. Congrats!
01/2020 Morteza’s paper “Absence of evidence for chiral Majorana modes in quantum anomalous Hall-superconductor devices” is published as a Report in Science. Congrats! See in Penn State news
12/2019 Prof. Chang is selected as an Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EPiQS) Materials Synthesis Investigator by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Prof. Chang is one of 13 winners nation-wide. Also see the Penn State news.
10/2019 Prof. Chang is awarded the Outstanding Young Researcher Award (Macronix Prize) from the International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers. This award highlights the research contributions of a young Chinese physicist or astronomer working in a region outside Asia. See the winner list from 1992. Also see the Penn State news.
06/2019 Dr. Morteza Kayyalha accepted the faculty position offer and will start as an Assistant Professor in EE department of Penn State in Jan. 2020. Big Congrats!
02/2019 Dr. Hemian Yi from Synchrotron-Soleil (France) joins our group as a postdoc, welcome!
01/2019 Prof. Chang got the 2019 NSF-CAREER Award. Congrats!
01/2019 Prof. Chang received the MIT Tech Review 35-Under-35 Innovation Award (China region) in 2018. Congrats!
04/2018 Prof. Chang got the 2018 Army Research Office (ARO) Young Investigator Program Award. Congrats!
03/2018 Fei’s paper, Chromium-Induced Ferromagnetism with Perpendicular Anisotropy in Topological Crystalline Insulator SnTe (111) Ultra-Thin Films, is published on PRB. Congrats!
02/2018 Prof. Chang is selected as a 2018 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Physics. Also see Penn State News. Congrats!
02/2018 Dr. Morteza Kayyalha from Purdue University joins our group as a postdoc, Welcome!
01/2018 Di’s paper, Realization of the Axion Insulator State in Quantum Anomalous Hall Sandwich Heterostructures, is published on PRL (Editors’ suggestion). Congrats!
11/2017 Mingda’s paper, Dirac-electron-mediated magnetic proximity effect in topological insulator/magnetic insulator heterostructures, is published on PRB (Rapid Communication). Congrats!
06/2017 Jia Yu from Peking University joins our group as a REU student, Welcome!
06/2017 Yifan Zhao from Penn State University joins our group as a graduate student, Welcome!
03/2017 Fei Wang from Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR,CAS) joins our group as a visiting student, Welcome!
03/2017 Prof. Chang is awarded 2017 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Young Scientist Prize in the Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter (C10) “For the discovery of quantum anomalous Hall effect in magnetically doped 3D topological insulator films”! See MIT news and IUPAP news for more details.
02/2017 Dr. Chang joins The Penn State University. Chang Research Group is founded at Penn State.

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