PAS Post #4: 10 Summer-y Date Ideas

Summer is a time to be the social butterfly you were meant to be. Whether you’re going on a first date or just another date with your boyfriend, there are plenty of fun things to do in the summer. I can completely agree on the fact that in the moment it’s hard to think of different places to go and activities to do so write these things down in your calender! – Let’s get started with 10 summer-y date ideas!

1. Of course it depends on whether or not you are comfortable with whom you’re going on a date with there are always options. If it is your first date, you can always consider going with a group of people, or even a double date. You could all go to the mall and hang out for the night. If things get awkward, there’s always more people to distract you. Mini-golfing, chilling by the pool & having a BBQ, laser tagging, and bowling are all great group date ideas!

2. The cutest of all dates is to go to the beach for the day! I know this is unreasonable for some people who live far from the beach, but you can always consider getting a group together and going if all else fails! Take a walk along the beach at sunset, hopefully there isn’t too much pressure since other people will surely be around, and things will click from there. What’s more romantic than that?!

3. Bike riding! Not very romantic but a good way to be able to talk to the person you are on a date with, without the awkwardness. & it’s a great way to exercise- you guys can both get a little hot and sweaty (; Any other sporting date is cute! Kayaking, jet skiing.. etc.

4. Go for a picnic! Around sunset, go to a beautiful place, and lay a blanket down! You supply the food yourself; the person you are on a date with will appreciate it, and realize what a great cook you are.

5. Go to a local theme park! I know for me, I live near Hershey Park in PA and it’s a great place to go for a date! You can hold hands on a ride and after you can laugh together at how horrible the picture turned out!

6. The classic date– go out to eat. Very romantic and classy. This may be a little awkward, but awkwardness brings out people’s real personalities and forces conversation. Make sure you agree on the place so you both will like what you order. The only negative to this date is the all around common talk of the bill. The guy SHOULD pay it in my opinion, so at least offer to pay the tip. My only piece of advice for this is be chill about the whole situation, don’t seem uptight.

7. Stargaze at night! It’s amazing to look at something beautiful with a person, and you will hopefully both open up to each other. Maybe light some sparklers to spice things up!

8. Go to one of your houses! Chill out, eat pizza rolls, and play xbox! You get to see each other in a natural environment which can be relaxing and reassuring.

9.  Ice cream! Go cool down after a baseball game and grab some dairy queen for a quick, easy, and inexpensive date.

10. Zoo Time! Go to a zoo on a nice day! It’s a great environment with plenty of things to talk about yet you still have the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your date. Its fun and take plenty of pictures! It’ll make for some great memories.

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