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Chiquita Banana

This ad is a prime example of the extremely dirty minds of people. For this ad to actually be published is actually quite disappointing. This also shows how women are portrayed to the public  by using “sex roles”.

The advertisement for this particular brand of banana’s is trying to show that the bananas are full of flavor. Although this may be funny at first, you have to realize that these are CHILDREN. I’m sure this ad brought up many riots or people to voice their opinion against this because of the ages of these children. Also, this shows how women are displayed. They are “supposed” to fill the sex roles and do what the man wants. The little boy is laughing and the girl seems to be serious like she is “doing her duty”. It is not appropriate for a company to use such an ad. This is a lot like the Burger King add saying “It’ll blow your mind away”. There are many other ways that Chiquita could have advertised their products without being unethical.  In Chapter 5 of our RCL book, it goes on to explain how to write a rhetorical analysis and one of the parts is to “summarize the argument”. The claim of this ad is that the banana’s are so flavorful that anyone will love it. But, the company didn’t think about who the audience was. Most people that buy bananas are parents, or adults shopping; parents especially would find this offensive and would not want to buy this product because of associating sexual innuendos with their child. This is a cleverly funny, yet horrible ad that was put on the market that we can laugh at, many years later.

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