PAS Post #7: Basic Summer Clothing

You definitely need your basics in summer. Basics can go with anything, and aren’t that “recognizable” so no one would really know if you were repeating an outfit you just wore 2 days ago. With basics, you can also pair with other basics or other different types of clothing.


white tank

A white tank top is as basic as you can get. You could wear a necklace with it, or if it gets chilly you could throw a cardigan over it. You could wear a white tank with light colored Capri’s or  dark washed shorts.

This brings us to the next must have!



Okay, I think we can all agree that denim shorts are very common and must needed. I suggest going to American Eagle to select the perfect pair. The fabric is great and does not get worn down. Make sure you get the right size, nothing too tight, or too short. To me, midis are the best. Bermuda’s tend to be a little awkward, and you just want a basic length pair of shorts.



V-necks are bae. They are so easy to throw on real quick, yet look so nice. Honestly, walmart has a back of like 5 v-necks for 10$. It is so worth it. Although the V-neck on these is a little high and may be awkward, you can always look at Forever 21 for cheap v-necks that are colored and even patterned!



Maxi dresses are just about as summery as you can get. They look good on everyone, every body type, and every height. They are comfortable, light, and are so cute! They cover just about everything. Big brand stores such as Boscovs, Bon-Ton, and Macy’s have amazing selections of all sorts of maxi dresses.



On a hot summer day, where you plan to be by the pool, or just wanna go out to eat, a sun dress is the way to go. It is short, cute, and easy!  I suggest not picking any “weird patterns” go for the summery patterns and colors, like yellow, pink, and dresses with flowers! you can also throw on a jean jacket. Tip: make sure you have perfect shoes to go with it. I think sometimes flip flops are not the best choice to wear the sundresses. Gladiators or sandals are paired perfectly.



These are the so comfortable to wear around the house, or out and about. Whether you go out and buy one or cut an athletic shirt. These are super sporty yet super stylish..

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