PAS Post #8: Tips & Tricks!


Summer is a fun time to relax in the sun, but you can never be too careful. Glance over these tips and tricks and keep them in mind everyday. Stay healthy!

  • Relax!- Everyone deserves a break now and then, so sit back and whether its soaking in the sun, or laying in bed watching netflix, just relax.
  • Let your feet air as much as you can- The summer temperatures can reach some extremes. Your feet and palms are sensitive to heat. Just by letting your feet air out in front of a fan, or dipping them in cold water, your body will instantly cool.
  • Wear a hat! It is important to stay protected when outside in the sun. Although UV waves are bad for you, so is sunscreen! So wear a hat and cover up a little bit & they are super cute!
  • Stay on top of your skin. You are out in harsh conditioners. Chlorine and salt water can dry out your skin so much! Remember to moisturize to keep everything smooth and clear, not blotchy.
  • Same goes with your hair! This goes for guys and girls both! Hair should be worshiped, because it could fall out real quick.  Condition your hair and dry your hair immediately after. Maybe even change up a hairstyle in the spirit of summer!(: Also, keep your hair off your face. Maybe you will breakout less and its nice to not worry about hair dangling in your face.
  • Girls: Don’t wear to much makeup! It’s summer! You should be care free! Don’t worry about what other people think, because most times they don’t really care themselves.  Wear minimal makeup– you are beautiful! Give your face a break.
  • Girls again: keep your nails painted! It may not always be fun to keep up with your nails but AT LEAST paint your toenails. Choose a summer color that looks good with sandals! After putting a clear coat on top, you shouldn’t have to worry about it too much.
  • If you sunburn, treat immediately! The longer you are sun burnt the longer your skin will deteriorate and it will continue to burn! Use aloe vera lotion, or aloe vera cooling gel to fix the problem.
  • Lastly, get lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C is in fruits! According to it slows down cell damage and reduces the chances of wrinkles!

Thanks to and I was able to form a list of things I think are important to keep in mind during the summer. Summer is a fun time, but you still need to remain healthy in all ways!

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