PAS Post #9: Hot Hairstyles and Haircuts

Everyone has different hair types and it makes you unique in your own way! But some people start to get in the habit of keeping their boring hair the same way. WHY NOT SWITCH IT UP FOR SUMMER; whether it is getting a new cut or just trying new hairstyles. Summer is a time for change, and it’s a time to be wild, so…



Let’s start off really crazy. Zayn Malik, has beautiful hairstyles but one of my favorite is when he has it fluffed straight up. This look can be achieve by using gel. I recommend either AXE or REDKEN FOR MEN. Zayn, sometime incorporates some color in his hair. He had a blonde street right up the middle in the front of his hair. I, for one, think it is so cute! You have to be willing to take a risk on this one.

zayn zayn1

House of Wax as a GREAT horror movie with a great plot, but I just couldn’t pay that much attention because Jared Padalecki is TOO HOT. He inspired the next hairstyle for men: Long and sleek. This of course requires a man to have longer hair, and most likely straight hair unless a guy straightens it themselves. The only thing about this is it could look absolutely gorgeous or really weird and creepy.

jared jared1

I’m not at all saying ” ooh! you better switch up your hair just for summer because your hair is gross now” I’m just saying to get out of your comfort zone and try something different when you can! Have a little fun with it! Thank you!


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