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PAS Post #10: Winding Down

Summer eventually comes to a halt, depending on where you live.

Here in the Pennsylvania area, it get’s chilly pretty quickly. School is quickly approaching and you are excited, nervous, and yet so sad that summer is coming to an end. There are some things that should said. Do not bring up old drunk conversations with boys/girls that you do not talk to anymore. Everything that happened in the summer stays in the summer. Also, make sure you tried to complete everything on your bucket list. Add anything you want to do for next summer. Never turn down. A good idea for the end of summer is an end of summer dinner with your friends at a nice restaurant. You can have closure on your summer and take your last yearly summer pictures with friends. Reflect on yourself. Think about what you have learned throughout the course of summer and what you wish you would have done differently. Learn from your mistakes. This is your chance to grow as a person. Besides relaxing, try to fit in any last minute things you want to do that you can only do in the summer or with good weather such as going to an amusement park or going camping in a tent. As they say “The summer gods are watching you-they know when you haven’t fulfilled your summer’s true potential.” Thank the ones around you for assisting you in having such an amazing summer. Be appreciative. Post throwback pics on instagram or twitter to share the memories and good times with friends.

Here’s a link to things that guys can do for girls that will sweep them off their feet:

Here’s a few links to bucketlist’s if you want to look for a quick thing to do last minute:

and my personal favorite

Buy some fun summer clothes at:

Some people experience S.A.D when another season comes around which is Seasonal Affective Disorder. To stop from feeling sad, gloomy, and depressed. Keep motivated. Keep up with fitness workouts, stay focused in school, and keep friendships active. We all get in slumps but you can take simple steps such as following a motivational blog and download apps. Always keep a positive attitude and don’t point out negative aspects of things. A list I found on goes through 8 things you can do to stay motivated.

  1. Start simple
  2. Keep good company
  3. Keep learning
  4. Stay Positive
  5. Stop thinking
  6. Know Yourself
  7. Track your progress
  8. Help others

Here is a link if you are interested in learning more:

A great season is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Be safe, stay classy, and stay busy. Everything will be fine and there will be many more summers in the future.


RCL Post #10: Bumper Sticker


At first when I saw this, I thought, oh this is just a typical republican vs. democratic bumper sticker. But as I read it, I felt super annoyed. First of all they incorporated the red for republican color and the logo of an elephant. Republican is bolded and larger than the rest which draws attention to it. As someone who isn’t yet concerned with politics let alone pays that much attention to it, I can somewhat connect to this sticker. I know some families in my home town that struggle.Whether it’s for various reasons such as not getting enough money, or even being a single parent. People do need help and the government should be able to offer it. We pay taxes. I find this extremely rude and offensive when “republicans” don’t know individuals stories. This claims basically that republicans are of course “better than everyone else” and are so rich AND STUCK UP that they can pay for everything. Who doesn’t love a republican they are SO PERFECT. Politics does raise a lot arguments between people. I assume that the audience is supposed to agree with this and say people on welfare are just lazy; but that’s not the case. This is a very offensive and poorly made bumper sticker and I hope people feel the same way I do.