RCL Post #10: Bumper Sticker


At first when I saw this, I thought, oh this is just a typical republican vs. democratic bumper sticker. But as I read it, I felt super annoyed. First of all they incorporated the red for republican color and the logo of an elephant. Republican is bolded and larger than the rest which draws attention to it. As someone who isn’t yet concerned with politics let alone pays that much attention to it, I can somewhat connect to this sticker. I know some families in my home town that struggle.Whether it’s for various reasons such as not getting enough money, or even being a single parent. People do need help and the government should be able to offer it. We pay taxes. I find this extremely rude and offensive when “republicans” don’t know individuals stories. This claims basically that republicans are of course “better than everyone else” and are so rich AND STUCK UP that they can pay for everything. Who doesn’t love a republican they are SO PERFECT. Politics does raise a lot arguments between people. I assume that the audience is supposed to agree with this and say people on welfare are just lazy; but that’s not the case. This is a very offensive and poorly made bumper sticker and I hope people feel the same way I do.

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