All About Muah

Hey Ya’ll!


My name is Charlene Bryant, and I am currently enrolled in CAS137H at Penn State UP. In CAS we discuss Rhetoric & Civic Life, and reflect on what we are currently reading as a class. As a Psychology major, I am very intrigued with how the brain, mind, body, and behavior all connect to form who we are as people; the more I learn about psychology, the more my mind is blown. I love to have fun and laugh as any other teenager would, and am glued to my phone because of Instagram and Tumblr. My blog will overview things that are discussed in class as well as my passion blog which will cover a time of the year when I am happiest — s u m m e r. Not only do I love getting the perfect tan and hanging out by the pool, but my friends and I would always go to carnivals, have the most amazing sleepovers, and travel. I hope you find my blog just as interesting as I do and if you have any questions, I encourage you to ask them!

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