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RCL Post #9: Society


As I was scrolling down tumblr, searching for the perfect picture, I came across this beauty.

Apparently, the sculpture itself is an actual sculpture, although I am not sure who made it, what it is called, or where it is in the world. If you just look at the sculpture without the phone, it looks like a beautiful woman just posing, maybe dancing, or something else. None the less it is simple and beautiful. Then, look at the overall picture with the phone. The first thing most people think of is probably “She is taking a selfie“. This itself says a lot about where the human race is headed. This also shows how materialistic we are becoming. It is putting a modern day, common icon and incorporating into an old piece of art. This is tough to look at, for I have come to realize that people have become way to phone orientated. Personally, I think that this argues how materialistic society has become. 

Although, I am one of those people that always has their phone in their hand, I do deeply believe that just because we have this technology doesn’t mean we have to use it all the time and revolve our life around it. It does have a sense of kairos because it is trying to get the audience to see how we are transforming and it’s pretty deep- it hits a spot in your head. We are slowly starting to not appreciate the arts anymore; artists put in so much work to their art and it truly speaks if you look deep enough (I know this because I am taking the Philosophy of Art & Beauty).

Think about it.