Virtual Scientist

Virtual Scientist was developed by graduate students in the Penn State chemistry department during the throes of COVID-19 as a way to virtually engage the community in science while we are unable to meet in person. It is a series of webinars where we will demonstrate fun, at home and easily accessible science demos virtually through Zoom. Please click on the link below to access our webinars!

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Upcoming Demos and Procedures

Surface Tension and Movement:

Oct 11th 

Hey, why can some bugs walk on water? Has your child or student ever asked you this question? Do you want to know how to answer them? If so, come join us during our next live webinar where we’ll do some really fun demos that answer these questions and more!

Fruit Motion:

Nov 1st 

Do you know how our bodies digest our food? Or help us breathe? Or moves our muscles? What do all of these processes have in common? We’ll find out during our live webinar where we look at fruit and vegetables and see what they have in common with our bodies!


Strawberry DNA Extraction:

Nov 22nd

What makes you you? Why is your hair brown or your eyes blue? All of us have a special code that makes each one of us unique! If you want to learn more, join us during our live webinar! In this demo, we’re going to take a closer look at that code with the help of strawberries!

To be announced soon!:

Dec 13th

Previous demos

Bubbles and Color: Creating Rainbows with Light!

Have you ever wondered why rainbows form? Or why bubbles always look so colorful even though bubble mix is usually clear? If you want to find out the answer to these questions, check out our bubble demo where we explore the colors that are all around us!

Hydrophobicity and Art: Water, It’s a Love/Hate Relationship! 

Why are paper towels so great at cleaning up spills? Why does dew form on grass? If you’re curious and want to learn more, watch our demo where we make fun art using things that like and dislike water!

Please send us pictuers of your demos! We will gather them and present them as a slide show here.

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