Meet the Team

Sonic is a 4th year graduate student working in Dr. Zarzar’s lab.  When he is not working in lab trying to make droplets move, he enjoys practicing saxophone and annoying his roommates with dulcet tones. He loves mint chocolate chip ice cream because it feels like you are eating ice cream and brushing your teeth! 

Kayla is a 5th year graduate student working in Dr. Sen’s lab. She works on making really small objects move using things already found in the body. When she is not in the lab, she enjoys baking, camping and being outside! 

Kara is a 2nd year graduate student working in Dr. Hedglin’s lab. She is interested in the errors that occur during DNA replication, which lead to genome mutations, and in turn, cancer. You can often find her hiking around State College, drinking a ton of coffee, or watching the Office for the millionth time.

Haley is a 2nd year graduate student working in Dr. Schaak’s and Dr. Gomez’ labs. She does nanochemistry to make new materials. Outside of the lab she enjoys gardening, reading and playing ultimate frisbee!