TED Talks: Advantages and Disadvantages

I really like TED talks. See, I’m already biased. I like TED talks because they are succinct and engaging, which is great for someone like me. I tend to have trouble focusing when I’m on the Internet because I have multiple windows open and I’m multitasking. I’m sure I’m not the only person like this.

Therefore, the length of the TED talk is perfect because it’s not too long that I get bored easily, but not too short in that it doesn’t provide me information. The 5-minute ones are great, but longer ones, which are around 15 minutes, provide more information, and are usually engaging enough to hold my attention for that long. Besides, there’s something called the pause button.

I usually enjoy TED talks because of the engaging style of the speakers. Each speaker has a different style which, is interesting, but they accomplish the same goal: captivate the audience.

One of the downsides of TED talks is the length. Because it’s so short, the information presented isn’t very comprehensive. Often, points of argument are left unsaid or not justified, which could affect the ethos of the speaker. To the general public, though, the speaker probably wouldn’t have to worry about that. Most people aren’t experts on the topic being spoken about, so it’s not like they can find many holes in the argument.

Overall, I’m really glad these exist. They provide interesting bursts of information that really makes me think, and I always come away knowing something new.

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