Item Identification:

  • This item is a flyer speaking of the importance of Christopher Street Liberation Day, 1970.
  • Created by the Gay Liberation Front
  • Published around June 1970
  • This flyer is historically significant because it was one of the first big projects of the Gay Liberation Front.

Item Annotation:

The main reason I chose to include this flyer in my archive is because of the involvement of the Gay Liberation Front. Founded in New York City, shortly after the Stonewall riots in 1969, the GLF was a prominent organization in this time in history. In fact, Christopher Street Liberation Day was one of the biggest events, or celebrations, that the GLF produced during its time as a structured organization. The content of the flyer is also very moving. Not only does the flyer list the specific events that will take place this weekend, but it also includes a very inspirational section. The entire first paragraph stood out to me as having extremely significant words for this movement. One of my favorite quotations from it is, “Freedom is never given – it must be taken.” This is a very motivational phrase that I’m sure was meant for many members of the LGBT community to hold onto in their fight for their human rights. Overall, I believe this item adds a lot of intensity and context to my archive and I’m very pleased to have come across it.


Gay Liberation Front Flyer

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