A recent essay posted at CNN used the Oregon CIR as an example of a new kind of deliberative politics. The authors, Chad Raphael and Christopher Karpowitz, have a whole theory about what makes public engagement effective in their new book, Democracy, Deliberation, and Civic Forums. This CNN essay note that the success of forums like the CIR has been seen across the country, in varied forms. Noting the way South Floridians have addressed climate...

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New CIR proposal appears in Massachusetts, while Washington CIR bill stalls in committee;

Massachusetts state rep. Jonathan Hecht has introduced a measure in his state to establish the CIR. One new wrinkle in this proposal is that a seven-person commission oversees the process, with special backgrounds required for some of the members: The governor shall appoint a dean or professor of law or political science or government at an institution of higher education. The attorney general shall appoint a retired justice. The secretary of...

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