New essay on prospects for reaching across cultural divides

Another CIR-related publication has been accepted for publication, this one forthcoming in the journal Public Administration. “Deliberation across cultural cognitive divides” looks at both the 2010 Oregon CIR and issue booklets produced by the National Issues Forums. The central question is, can deliberative processes be framed and conducted in a way that encourages cross-cultural dialogue? Short answer: yes. Long answer: still yes,...

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Arizona CIR pilot gets a positive formal assessment

A new publication is now available at our site, which looks in more detail at the CIR pilot held in Arizona in 2014. McFadden, Erica S. (2015). Arizona’s 2014 Pilot Citizens’ Initiative Review: Final Report. Report prepared for the Arizona State University Morrisson Institute and the Democracy Fund. One conclusion from the report refers to how the experience changed the participants themselves, based on extensive interviews (p. 24):...

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