Oregon CIR 2016 wraps up its deliberations

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2016 Oregon CIR panel, with facilitators Mike and Mary in top-right corner, and Gracie the Dog front-center.

The 2016 iteration of the CIR is the fourth cycle of this process in Oregon, which began with the 2010 election. The result was a balanced statement (with an 11-9 split in the panelists’ vote) on Measure 97, which proposed a dramatic rise in gross receipts tax to boost the state’s general fund, which principally goes to education and social services.

The CIR statement has been posted various places, including here:

Here’s a quick recap of the panel’s deliberations:

And here’s an article written during the CIR’s deliberations:

The close but favorable vote on the measure was enough to warrant this blog post by the Yes on 97 campaign:


The CIR Oregon research and evaluation team (pictured below) was John Gastil, Genevieve Fuji-Johnson, and Soo-Hye Han. More info available at our People page.

CIR OR 2016 research team

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