Citizens’ Initiative Review presented to United Nations

This past weekend (Nov. 9-10), I presented research on the CIR at a UN workshop, Random Assemblies in Constitution Making Processes. This was co-sponsored by the Stanford Center for Deliberative Democracy and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. It was exciting to see the level of interest in using a CIR process to improve the judgment voters might exercise when voting on constitutional referenda. The CIR is just...

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CIR (and things like it) in 2018

This year, there is no statewide Oregon CIR, but there are a few experiments happening. Portland already hosted a CIR August 23-26 on a Housing bond measure on the ballot for the Portland metro area. Massachusetts CIR is holding a second pilot test of the process September 12-15 on Question 1, which concerns the maximum number of patients a nurse must attend to at a given time. A CIR test in California will take place Sept 27-30 on Proposition...

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Upcoming CIRs in Aug-Sept 2018

There will be two Citizens’ Initiative Reviews this year. In Oregon, a regional CIR is being run by Healthy Democracy, in partnership with Portland State University, Oregon Kitchen Table, and/or the University of Oregon Journalism School. That CIR will study an affordable housing bond measure referred to voters by the Metro Council–the regional government around Portland. It’ll happen August 23-26, and if anyone is interested...

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