The principal investigators and collaborators on this research project have made numerous talks and slide presentations on the CIR since 2010. Below are a selected number of such presentations, with links to the original PowerPoint files.


The Citizens’ Initiative Review as a random assembly method” at Random Assemblies in Constitution Making Processes, an expert and practitioner workshop sponsored by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance and held at the United Nations, New York, NY.

How to make direct democracy more deliberative” keynote talk at the Deliberative Democracy Summer School, “Implementing Citizen Deliberation as a Democratic Practice,” June 28, 2018 in Turku, Finland.


Talk during legislative briefing at the Massachusetts State House, “Research on the 2016 Massachusetts pilot Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) and the 2010-2016 Oregon CIR.” This talk was given in reference to House Bill 368, “An Act to Create a Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission.”


Talk at New America Foundation, “Rebuilding the Public’s Trust Begins with Trusting the Public,” on Feb 25. Remarks on the CIR are juxtaposed with comments by Hollie Russon-Gilman on participatory budgeting and Carolyn Lukensmeyer on deliberation and public engagement. The event followed a February 19 op-ed in the Washington Post online.

Slides shown to Washington State House of Representatives, Jan 28. Succinct summary of CIR’s deliberative quality and impact in Oregon, 2010-14.


Description of CIR presented at Frontiers of Democracy conference, July 17. Brief slide presentation summarizing purpose and impact of CIR. A video of the talk is available here.

Summary of CIR research for King County Bar Assn., April 24. More detailed description of CIR and its history.


Presentation to the Oregon House Rules Committee. Summarizes the testimony given to the legislature on the 2010 CIR.

Assessment of 2010 CIR presented at National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation. Overview of CIR and its implementation history.

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