It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

Hey guys!

This will be my last post. I hope you all found some of my tips very helpful. The point of this blog was to encourage safety while having fun in college. If you follow the tips I gave you, I am positive that you will do well in college. Be safe!!

I really enjoyed reading some of the feedback you gave on my posts. Some of them really did give me a good laugh. I’ll think about checking up on you guys in the near future to see if you really took my tips into consideration or not. Love you all! See ya !

I hope everyone has safe trips back home for Christmas break!

Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s current leader, was pronounced dead on Thursday. He was 95 years old. Nelson Mandela’s willingness to forgive and forget helped peacefully end an era of white domination in his native South Africa. But as news of his death spread, mourners there and around the world professed that he, himself, would never be forgotten.

“We’ve lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth,” said current U.S. President Barack Obama, the first black leader of his own country who said his first public activism was an anti-apartheid protest. “He no longer belongs to us. He belongs to the ages.” President Obama says.

He is in a better place now. May his soul rest in peace. His legacy will live on forever. Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela

Hang in there… Just Two More Weeks

Thanksgiving break is officially over for all college student, but guess what!? There’s another break coming, and this one is so much longer. Christmas break will be here in about two weeks. I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready already. Thanksgiving break wasn’t enough for me. Not only that, but I can’t to receive Christmas gifts. Yes… I am a 18 year old who still receive gifts from her parents. Don’t judge.

It’s funny because I stressed that people should study hard over break, but I didn’t. I planned on doing it, but it just  didn’t happen. So I did what you should NEVER do in college. I hope everyone does well on there upcoming exams!! Finish the semester strong. Hang in there.

See Ya


Student’s Death at Penn Towers

Recently, we lost one of our own Penn staters due to a Psychedelic drug. MacMannis, 20,died Saturday  after he fell from the balcony on the ninth floor of Penn Tower and landed on Beaver Avenue. He was pronounced dead shortly after the coroner arrived early Saturday morning. The coroner ruled that his death was caused by head trauma sustained from the fall. Preliminary investigation indicates that drugs and alcohol were a factor in the tragic accident.

Over the last few days, the State College Police Department has responded to two calls for drug overdoses related to the use of “acid” or a similar type of drug. The initial investigation indicates the use of these drugs has resulted in the accidental death of a Penn State student and treatment of six other individuals for suspected drug overdose. In other words, someone is selling fake drugs.

This is why my blog stresses safety. This tragic accident is a result of drugs and alcohol. Know your limit, and don’t do drugs. Especially if you don’t really know what it is. After reading this story, I hope you take everything I said in my previous blogs into consideration.


Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


I mentioned Black Friday in a previous post, but I didn’t really get a chance to talk about the safety precautions you should take. Black Friday is a day when just about everything has a discount, and everyone knows that. Guess what, Black Friday isn’t the only time of the year that stores have great deals.

I know that may surprise many people because they think that Black Friday is the only time of the year that just about every store has huge discounts. Have you ever heard of Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is a little different than Black Friday. If you don’t already know about Cyber Monday, it is the Monday after Thanksgiving when online retailers offer their products at special prices. Often, the deals found online during Cyber Monday are just as good as those offered during Black Friday, and sometimes even better.

One advantage that Cyber Monday has on Black Friday is that you don’t have to worry about riots and fighting over merchandise. You can be in the comfort of your own home and get great deals. It’s much safer!!!! But I know many people like to actually try on their clothes and actually be in the store. I personally love online shopping.

Which one would you prefer, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


Traveling Home From College… Safely

Many college students take the bus home during breaks. Those busses include Grey Hound, Mega bus, and many more. With that being said, please keep your things close and watch your surroundings.

I have a friend whose luggage was stolen while traveling home. He had many expensive things in there. If you can take your luggage on the bus with you, please do so. I know that it may be a little uncomfortable, but it’s better than having you things stolen. If your forced to put your luggage on the bottom of the bus, sit on the front of the bus. If you sit on the front of the bus, you will be one of the first people to get off the bus, thus getting to your luggage first.

I couldn’t imagine looking for my things and not being able to find them. That is why I always take precautions. Those busses have many strangers . You never really know what’s on their mind. I’m not saying that everyone is a thief or murderer.. you just have to watch out. Especially when your traveling on busses alone.

I hope everyone gets home safely and has a wonderful break!

Black Friday Shopping At Walmart… Extra Precautions

As you guys know, Black Friday is coming up!! Many things will go on sale and the line to just about every store will ne super long! Let the madness begin…

One store that many people go to is Wal-Mart. They have some of the juiciest deals out there. Recently, they let out many of their discounts that they will have this year. One deal that caught my eyes was a TV that was on sale for $148.00 last year, but will be $98.00 !

This year they will take extra precaution because many injuries occur during this sale. Five years ago, a Wal-Mart employee is trampled to death. It’s just a shame. People seem to lose it all over a little sale… well big sale. Anyways, I would go shopping on Black Friday for two things, electronics and clothes. They seem to have the biggest discounts, especially electronics. I’m really looking forward to buying an iPad mini, that is… if it’s on sale.

Evjoy your holiday shopping!!!

Double Plane Crash Survivor Returns to Basketball Court

A high school student names Austin Hatch survived two plane crashes. Two years later, he said he is on the rebound and eager to play college basketball next year at the University of Michigan. Although the second plane crash killed his father and step mother,  he didn’t let that stop his dream. He ended up signing with University of Michigan.

Before the crashes, Hatch was a basketball standout at Canterbury High School in Fort Wayne, Ind., where he averaged 23 points and nine rebounds per game. After suffering a brain injuring, he knew that it would be a bit of a struggle to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward, but he was willing to do whatever it took.

A few months ago, he moved in with his uncle and finished high school. This fall he will be attending University of Michigan. Hatch has already overcame many obstacles in his life and probably has many more coming. His obstacles show that you should never give up on what you want to do, even when you think the worst has came your way. If I could meet hatch I would just tell him that he is such an inspiration and that his parents are looking down at him smiling and cheering him on every step of the way.

What would you say?

College Students Never Really Get A Break

In the previous post I mentioned Thanksgiving Break. Is it really even a break? I mean.. yeah we get to see our loved ones, but is it a break from the college? NO. As soon as we come back from break we have finals. So during this break, you have to somehow manage to get a few hours of studying in. If you fail to do that, I’m almost positive that you will be behind in lots of work. When I first realized that break was coming up, I was super excited. Soon after, I realized that a week after I returned, I would have three finals and an exam waiting for me. A bit much huh?

This is when time management comes in. Of course we will be excited to see our families, but don’t forget what will be waiting for you when you go back to college. If you like  me… you don’t want to have a stack of books read and flash cards to learn. DON’T CRAM. Remember that finals will affect your grade significantly, some more than others. So while your having fun back at home, don’t forget that you still have work to do. Yes… even on your “time off.”

Missing home? I Have Great News…

To all of the college students out there missing home, guess what…. Thanksgiving break is approaching!!!! Yay! I know that this blog is usually about ways to stay safe while enjoying college, but today’s post will be about something that all college students can relate to… missing home. I haven’t been home yet, so my home sickness is at a high right now. If you can relate to what I just said… hang in there. Thanksgiving break is coming up in about a week. Not only will you be with your family, but you will also eat some wonderful food. And trust me, a couple of days after you visit home, you will probably be ready to come back to college anyway. Haha.

I know this is a bit early to say, but I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving break!! Have fun, enjoy your time with the family, and eat lots of wonderful food. I’m sure your family misses you as much as you miss them, so enjoy every minute of it. See ya!


Bundle up!

About two days ago, it was 23 degrees outside! I know many people at Penn State are from places that doesn’t even snow. So this post it specifically for you. Penn State gets really cold. I know you probably hear this a lot, but hearing it and feeling it are two different things. The one thing I would recommend  is bundling up. The top things you will need to bundle up for the winter includes a coat (I prefer insulated coats), scarf, gloves, warm boats, and a hat.

Some people may think that the things I named are common sense and that everyone should know to wear those things in the winter. The problem isn’t that people don’t know to purchase those things, the problem is that they don’t buy the right kind of things. For example, if your  not from a place that has snow, you  may thing that any kind of boots will warm your feet, or that any scarf will warm or neck. That’s not the case. If you are like me… you get cold REALLY fast. Some of the winter apparel that I recommend includes:

1) Ugg boots (pretty expensive but will last forever and keep your feet warm)

2) A woolen scarf

3) An insulated coat (It doesn’t have to be from North face. You could find something cheaper that keeps you warm at a store like Macy’s)

Last but not least,  you should put on layers of clothes. This is just to be safe. Putting on a pair of legging under your jeans won’t hurt. Especially if it’s 19 degree out.  Hopefully this post helps you keep warm during this cold winter 🙂

Ways To Prevent Sickness

Hey guys! I noticed that the weather has been changing for the last couple of weeks. Its been getting really cold! I’ve also noticed that many people are beginning to have a really bad cough. Oh No. Just because a few people got sick, doesn’t mean that you have to. Here are a few ways to stay away from sickness.

1) Always wash your hands. And don’t forget to wash them for 30 seconds or more. I usually say my ABC’s while washing my hands just to make sure.

2) Lysol you room frequently. Lysol takes many of the germs away. By using Lysol,  your killing many germs that you probably didn’t even know was in your room.

3) If your the person that is sick.. COVER YOU MOUTH WHILE COUGHING. You are suppose to cough using your elbow, so if you use your hand just make sure that you wash them afterwards. You can easily pass your sickness to others by coughing without covering your mouth

I know these are simple things, but many people forget to do them. (especially covering their mouths) So just keep these three simple things in mind. I;m not saying that these things will save you from sickness, but it will definitely lower your chances.

Fire Safety

Since I’ve been here at Penn State, we have had two fire alarms. The fire alarms happen when you least expect them. Sometimes you may be eating, sleeping, or even taking a shower. I’ve witnessed people stay on the floor in their room as one is happening. DO NOT DO THAT. I know they occur often, but you never really know if there is really a fire or not. The point of a fire alarm is to prepare you for a real fire.

The number of reported fires in the dormitory occupancy group increased 18% from 3,200 in 1980 to 3,780 in 2011.  These fires caused an annual average of 2 civilian deaths, 30 civilian fire injuries, and $9.4 million in direct property damage. You will lower these statistics by taking fire alarms more serious. Do not ignore fire alarms, it’ s in the best interest of your safety.


JonBenet Ramset

JonBenet’s beaten and strangled body was discovered in 1996 at her parents’ home in Boulder, Colorado. It was a day after Christmas, a day after she got a bike as a gift.That same day, her parents had called police to report her kidnapping. They said they found a note demanding a ransom of $118,000 for her return. She was found dead in the basement of their home. Around that time, the Grand Jury voted to indict the parents with charges of child abuse resulting in death and being accessories to a crime.

Although her parents  have always maintained that an intruder killed the little beauty queen, previously sealed court documents released Friday show that a Colorado grand jury voted in 1999 to indict  the parents of murdered 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey with charges of child abuse resulting in death and being accessories to a crime.

So even till this da, the questions still remain. . Her parents lived under a cloud of suspicion. Were they involved? Was there an intruder in the house that night?




Protect Your Valuables

Before you leave out your dorm, you should ALWAYS make sure that your things are safe. Here are a list of things you should do to make sure that your things are as safe as possible.

1) Lock Up Your Stuff

You can start by locking your door every time you leave out your room, even if your just stepping away for a couple of minutes. When you leave for the holidays or a long weekend, lock up your valuables or take them with you.

2) Mark Your Items

If you have expensive items, engrave them if you can. This way, if someone steals it, you will be able to identify it immediately.

3) Password Protection

You should make sure that all you electronic (your phone, computer, iPod) have a password protection. This will protect your information if it’s stolen.

You should always be cautious, especially with your valuable things. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t trust people, I’m just suggesting that you be careful.


Two Killers Escape Prison With Forged Documents

Recently, two men forged court documents helped two murders escape prison. They are now on the run. Authorities now say prison officials were duped by the court documents, which included a fake motion from a prosecutor and a judge’s forged signature.

Because of this incident, the courts had to make sure no one else had been released mistakenly. A judge in that case said that there were several red flags that should have attracted the attention of the court clerk’s office or the Corrections Department. It wasn’t clear exactly who dummied up the paperwork or if the two cases were connected. The authority is doing all that they can to find these two murderers. This just goes to show that even the government makes brutal mistakes.


Better Safe.. Then Sorry

Well since we have been on the topic of safety, let’s talk about safety in the residential area. Penn State is known to be a like a “safe haven”. I have been here for about three months and I would strongly agree. BUT… you should never let your guard down.

Although you may consider Penn State “the safest place ever”, I would recommend a few things just to be sure that you as far from danger as possible. You should around campus with at least a friend or two during the nights. Another thing is that you should know your safety resources just in case anything happens. I have Penn State’s police number in my phone. I don’t have it because I want something bad to happen, but I’d rather be safe then sorry. Always remember that there are other people on this campus that doesn’t attend this university.

I noticed that many people walk around with headphone in their ear at night. By doing that, you have lost your hearing sense. Your eyesight is limited at night, so if you do use earphones, I would recommend only putting one in your ear. I know Penn State is a really safe place, but you should never  let your guard down completely because you never really know what people are thinking.

Hazing… Don’t Put Yourself In Danger


Pledging for sororities and fraternities has always been a part of the college life. Many people find that it offers many different opportunities,  creates a life-long brother/sisterhood, and that it’s fun. I must admit, it can offer all of those things, but it could also include hazing during the pledging stage. Which can be very painful, unsafe, and illegal.

Hazing comes in many different forms. It may include binge drinking, paddling, beating, etc. This post isn’t made to convince college students not to pledge. This is simply to encourage you to be safe while doing whatever you decide to do in college, and I know that many students will decide to pledge for a sorority/fraternity.

With that being said, make sure you are smart about it. If someone is making you do something you don’t want to do , make sure you know your limits. You should always try to get out of dangerous situations before it’s too late. I understand that you may have always had the dream of being a part of a specific sorority/fraternity, but if you feel that you are in danger, then it may not be worth it.

Government Shutdown Side Effects


As we all know, well as we all should know, the government shutdown not too long ago. I have never really been interested in the government, but when I found out that it shut down, I started doing a little research. I was more interested in the effects that it would cause, so I have been keeping up with Fox and CNN news for updates.

I knew that some of impacts of the government shutting down would be that offices would close, funding would be disrupted, and federal workers would be unproductive. After tracking CNN and Fox about the government shutdown, I realized that there are less obvious and effects.

The shutdown has effected many people. Those people include joggers, crabbers, and homeowners. I read a couple of stories this week that will probably shock you. Park rangers stopped a runner in Valley Forge National Historical Park. They gave him a $100 dollar ticket for running in the park. As far as the crabbers go, without federal employees to set rules and quotas for the fishing season, crab fleets in Alaska are in a standstill. Crabbers cannot fish without federal permits. I also mentioned that homeowners were effected. A couple was kicked out of their home in Nevada. They had 24 hours to clear out and was told not to return until the government reopens.

The shutdown had been the talk of the town. Many agencies, companies, and people have closed because the government cannot come to a decision. The shutdown led to many side effects, many include things that are outrageous and less obvious. I included some of the things that I have read about, but there are many more. If you are interested, just visit the Fox News or CNN news website.


Drink Responsibly


This post is not to encourage you to drink, but let’s be realistic here. Many college students drink. So  if you are a student who drinks, please drink responsibly.

Recently, a college student died during Temple University’s Spring Fling Event. There were 30-40 students on a roof just having fun, drinking, and blasting music. Unfortunately, she fell about 40 feet and was pronounced dead about an hour later.I did not share this story to scare anyone. It’s just that this hits close to home and I see that people don’t really take drinking responsibly seriously.

Although you shouldn’t drink unless your of legal age, if  you do decide to drink, it is important that you know your alcohol tolerance level. If you don’t then you can put yourself and/or others in great danger. Know your limits and listen to your body. You should also drink with people that you know. If you drink with stranger and have no one looking out for you, there may be a load of danger just waiting to happen. One last thing, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DRINKING. Sometimes it’s good trying something for the first time, just beware of what the alcohol content is. I won’t get into any detail about the amount of alcohol you should drink an hour because I’m pretty sure that Penn State covered that during the S.A.F.E surveys. 

There’s nothing wrong with having fun, just be safe. Don’t let alcohol take control of you. Drink Responsibly.

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CNN On-line News

CNN is a source that contains both U.S and international news coverage. While visiting the website, the first thing I noticed was that there were different tabs at the top of the page. These tabs included politics, international, entertainment, health, and many more. I decided to click on the international tab and I was informed about the top stories in many countries.

The homepage immediately starts you off with a developing story. Today’s story was about a car chase that led to the death of a woman in D.C. The best thing about this website is that it gives you a visual. Most of the stories have a live clip from CNN. Although the homepage puts an emphasis on the developing story, it doesn’t overshadow the other information on the site. The homepage also includes other top stories, the weather, and different video clips.

The visual of the website is pretty impressive. Although the majority of it is red, black, and white, it works. The titles of the different stories are colorful, which makes them stand out.  CNN’s website is very informative and has great use of multimedia. All in all, it is a great online source for new.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain!

Many freshmen love to go out and have a great time, but before you spend most of your time having fun… remember why you came to college in the first place. I’ve been in college for about two months and I’ve already heard things like, “I’m not going to make it to class today because I did a little too much last night”, or “I forgot about that test, I’m definitely going to fail!” Here are a list of things ways to maintain your grades while living the “College Life”.

1) Don’t Procrastinate: Waiting until the night before a project is due lead to making careless errors and getting little rest at night

2) DO NOT CRAM: It is not effective. You will never retain any of the material you studied. Trust me, I did this with my psychology exam… It wasn’t nice. Studying is don’t best in shorter periods regularly.

3) Life is all about sacrifices- I know it’s pretty hard turning down a party on a Saturday night, but sometimes it has to be done. Especially when you didn’t start preparing for a test that you have on Monday morning,

4) Do your homework- It may be kind of hard keeping up with homework because the professors aren’t reminding you about it like the teachers do in high school. Homework is a part of your grade, so do it! I may not be worth many points, but it’s worth something. Besides the fact that it’ll help your grade a little, I must say that homework has helped me get a better understanding of the things I learned in class.

Getting good grades can be hard enough, but maintaining them can seem daunting. However, it’s not that difficult to keep your grades up… just follow the tips I gave you. I hope it helps 🙂



Was Leyla Wydler heroic or reckless?

Leyla Wydler was a financial advisor for the Standford Financial Group, who sent a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission about her employer. She suspected that a former Financial Advisor employed by Stanford Group was alleging a Ponzi scheme involving the Stanford International Bank Certificates of Deposit. As a result of her suspicion, she refused to sell certificated to her clients, and she was soon fired.

Leyla Wydler was heroic. If she would have continued selling these misleading advertisements, many lives would have been ruined. She decided to take a stand even though she was punished for it. Being reckless is without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action. With that being said, Leyla Wydler was not reckless. She was simply proclaiming the truth in the midst of those who sit quietly. She wanted other people to know be informed about this scheme so that no reputations were ruined and no securities and banking authorities were ridiculed. Although this was a hard thing to do, she stood by what she thought was morally right.




Party…But Party Safely

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One word that comes to my mind when I think of college, is freedom. We now have the power to do many things we want with little restraint, and we decide how we want to spend our free-time. Most students come to college and party hard without thinking about the consequences. This blog will give tips on how to maintain your grades and overall safety in college while having a good time. Today’s topic is partying safely.

1)Travel in Groups

Everyone knows that many college students love to party. Here at Penn State, the weekend starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. So during those four days, many students go to clubs and  parties. The first tip that I’ll give you is to go to parties in groups. If the group gets too big, it may be a little harder to keep up with everyone, but just make sure that you partner up. I’m suggesting that you do this because every club/party has its creeps. If you arrive with a group of people, it is less likely that you will encounter one of those creeps and you would feel more secure with your surroundings.

2) Carry a Bag

Many people don’t like carrying huge purses with them to parties because it may get in the way of you dancing, but make sure that you bring something… even if it’s just a clutch bag. I’m saying this because there are essential things that you need to bring out with you while your partying in case an emergency occurs. You should always bring your cell phone, keys, ID, and cash.

3) Have a Back Up Plan

Nothing in this world always goes according  to plan, especially when partying. You may lose your group of friends,  cellphone, or keys… which is why you should always have a backup plan. Make sure that there is someone that you can always call in case of an emergency. Before you leave out to party, you should always know how your getting back home just in case relying on a cab doesn’t work out.

*Just remember that whether you are hitting up a party, or dancing at the clubs, the end goal should always be to make it home in one piece.