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Maintain, Maintain, Maintain!

Many freshmen love to go out and have a great time, but before you spend most of your time having fun… remember why you came to college in the first place. I’ve been in college for about two months and I’ve already heard things like, “I’m not going to make it to class today because I did a little too much last night”, or “I forgot about that test, I’m definitely going to fail!” Here are a list of things ways to maintain your grades while living the “College Life”.

1) Don’t Procrastinate: Waiting until the night before a project is due lead to making careless errors and getting little rest at night

2) DO NOT CRAM: It is not effective. You will never retain any of the material you studied. Trust me, I did this with my psychology exam… It wasn’t nice. Studying is don’t best in shorter periods regularly.

3) Life is all about sacrifices- I know it’s pretty hard turning down a party on a Saturday night, but sometimes it has to be done. Especially when you didn’t start preparing for a test that you have on Monday morning,

4) Do your homework- It may be kind of hard keeping up with homework because the professors aren’t reminding you about it like the teachers do in high school. Homework is a part of your grade, so do it! I may not be worth many points, but it’s worth something. Besides the fact that it’ll help your grade a little, I must say that homework has helped me get a better understanding of the things I learned in class.

Getting good grades can be hard enough, but maintaining them can seem daunting. However, it’s not that difficult to keep your grades up… just follow the tips I gave you. I hope it helps 🙂



Was Leyla Wydler heroic or reckless?

Leyla Wydler was a financial advisor for the Standford Financial Group, who sent a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission about her employer. She suspected that a former Financial Advisor employed by Stanford Group was alleging a Ponzi scheme involving the Stanford International Bank Certificates of Deposit. As a result of her suspicion, she refused to sell certificated to her clients, and she was soon fired.

Leyla Wydler was heroic. If she would have continued selling these misleading advertisements, many lives would have been ruined. She decided to take a stand even though she was punished for it. Being reckless is without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action. With that being said, Leyla Wydler was not reckless. She was simply proclaiming the truth in the midst of those who sit quietly. She wanted other people to know be informed about this scheme so that no reputations were ruined and no securities and banking authorities were ridiculed. Although this was a hard thing to do, she stood by what she thought was morally right.




Party…But Party Safely

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One word that comes to my mind when I think of college, is freedom. We now have the power to do many things we want with little restraint, and we decide how we want to spend our free-time. Most students come to college and party hard without thinking about the consequences. This blog will give tips on how to maintain your grades and overall safety in college while having a good time. Today’s topic is partying safely.

1)Travel in Groups

Everyone knows that many college students love to party. Here at Penn State, the weekend starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. So during those four days, many students go to clubs and  parties. The first tip that I’ll give you is to go to parties in groups. If the group gets too big, it may be a little harder to keep up with everyone, but just make sure that you partner up. I’m suggesting that you do this because every club/party has its creeps. If you arrive with a group of people, it is less likely that you will encounter one of those creeps and you would feel more secure with your surroundings.

2) Carry a Bag

Many people don’t like carrying huge purses with them to parties because it may get in the way of you dancing, but make sure that you bring something… even if it’s just a clutch bag. I’m saying this because there are essential things that you need to bring out with you while your partying in case an emergency occurs. You should always bring your cell phone, keys, ID, and cash.

3) Have a Back Up Plan

Nothing in this world always goes according  to plan, especially when partying. You may lose your group of friends,  cellphone, or keys… which is why you should always have a backup plan. Make sure that there is someone that you can always call in case of an emergency. Before you leave out to party, you should always know how your getting back home just in case relying on a cab doesn’t work out.

*Just remember that whether you are hitting up a party, or dancing at the clubs, the end goal should always be to make it home in one piece.