CNN On-line News

CNN is a source that contains both U.S and international news coverage. While visiting the website, the first thing I noticed was that there were different tabs at the top of the page. These tabs included politics, international, entertainment, health, and many more. I decided to click on the international tab and I was informed about the top stories in many countries.

The homepage immediately starts you off with a developing story. Today’s story was about a car chase that led to the death of a woman in D.C. The best thing about this website is that it gives you a visual. Most of the stories have a live clip from CNN. Although the homepage puts an emphasis on the developing story, it doesn’t overshadow the other information on the site. The homepage also includes other top stories, the weather, and different video clips.

The visual of the website is pretty impressive. Although the majority of it is red, black, and white, it works. The titles of the different stories are colorful, which makes them stand out.  CNN’s website is very informative and has great use of multimedia. All in all, it is a great online source for new.

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