Drink Responsibly


This post is not to encourage you to drink, but let’s be realistic here. Many college students drink. So  if you are a student who drinks, please drink responsibly.

Recently, a college student died during Temple University’s Spring Fling Event. There were 30-40 students on a roof just having fun, drinking, and blasting music. Unfortunately, she fell about 40 feet and was pronounced dead about an hour later.I did not share this story to scare anyone. It’s just that this hits close to home and I see that people don’t really take drinking responsibly seriously.

Although you shouldn’t drink unless your of legal age, if  you do decide to drink, it is important that you know your alcohol tolerance level. If you don’t then you can put yourself and/or others in great danger. Know your limits and listen to your body. You should also drink with people that you know. If you drink with stranger and have no one looking out for you, there may be a load of danger just waiting to happen. One last thing, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DRINKING. Sometimes it’s good trying something for the first time, just beware of what the alcohol content is. I won’t get into any detail about the amount of alcohol you should drink an hour because I’m pretty sure that Penn State covered that during the S.A.F.E surveys. 

There’s nothing wrong with having fun, just be safe. Don’t let alcohol take control of you. Drink Responsibly.



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3 responses to “Drink Responsibly

  1. Nisrene Tabbara

    This was definitely an eye opening post. It’s a tad bit unrealistic that there will be a multitude of parties on roofs, however, the over all message is a good one. This is a great way to inform people to be safe in a brief way. YOU ROCK CHELSEA!

  2. I really like that your approach to giving this kind of advice is realistic. We all know college is a time where newly minted adults are on their own and don’t always make the best decisions. Let’s face it, it’s awesome having control over every thing you do, but some people aren’t going to be responsible adults 24/7. Overall, I think this is a great way to give quick and easy advice that can actually be followed.

  3. The story you told is really scary but somewhat unrealistic. I suppose the occasion might come up where people are drinking on the roof but I would not say that is the “norm”. Other than that I think this was a good message. It is not sugarcoated to the point where you simply act as if no one drinks but you still encourage people to be responsible. I like this blog because it is a very quick survival guide for drinking.

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