Government Shutdown Side Effects


As we all know, well as we all should know, the government shutdown not too long ago. I have never really been interested in the government, but when I found out that it shut down, I started doing a little research. I was more interested in the effects that it would cause, so I have been keeping up with Fox and CNN news for updates.

I knew that some of impacts of the government shutting down would be that offices would close, funding would be disrupted, and federal workers would be unproductive. After tracking CNN and Fox about the government shutdown, I realized that there are less obvious and effects.

The shutdown has effected many people. Those people include joggers, crabbers, and homeowners. I read a couple of stories this week that will probably shock you. Park rangers stopped a runner in Valley Forge National Historical Park. They gave him a $100 dollar ticket for running in the park. As far as the crabbers go, without federal employees to set rules and quotas for the fishing season, crab fleets in Alaska are in a standstill. Crabbers cannot fish without federal permits. I also mentioned that homeowners were effected. A couple was kicked out of their home in Nevada. They had 24 hours to clear out and was told not to return until the government reopens.

The shutdown had been the talk of the town. Many agencies, companies, and people have closed because the government cannot come to a decision. The shutdown led to many side effects, many include things that are outrageous and less obvious. I included some of the things that I have read about, but there are many more. If you are interested, just visit the Fox News or CNN news website.


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