Better Safe.. Then Sorry

Well since we have been on the topic of safety, let’s talk about safety in the residential area. Penn State is known to be a like a “safe haven”. I have been here for about three months and I would strongly agree. BUT… you should never let your guard down.

Although you may consider Penn State “the safest place ever”, I would recommend a few things just to be sure that you as far from danger as possible. You should around campus with at least a friend or two during the nights. Another thing is that you should know your safety resources just in case anything happens. I have Penn State’s police number in my phone. I don’t have it because I want something bad to happen, but I’d rather be safe then sorry. Always remember that there are other people on this campus that doesn’t attend this university.

I noticed that many people walk around with headphone in their ear at night. By doing that, you have lost your hearing sense. Your eyesight is limited at night, so if you do use earphones, I would recommend only putting one in your ear. I know Penn State is a really safe place, but you should never  let your guard down completely because you never really know what people are thinking.

2 responses to “Better Safe.. Then Sorry

  1. Nisrene Tabbara

    I’ve been here at Penn State the same amount of time as you and could not agree more that I feel very safe. Like you though I do take precautions of walking with friends at night and I never listen to music. I too have the Penn State police number because as you said better safe than sorry. Great post, very applicable and helpful to all of us!

  2. I agree that Penn State feels really safe but that you can never be too sure anywhere. Horrible accidents and crimes happen eeverywhere and can happen at Penn State (despite how safe it feels). That is good advice to be with other people, safety in numbers has proven time and time again. I like your title and how you repeated it again, “rather safe than sorry”. The point on hearing was a really good point! I never thought of that, you have become such an easy target and lost a big change to have more prep time to defend yourself. I never realized how your head phones changed your awareness. Really good points !

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