Student’s Death at Penn Towers

Recently, we lost one of our own Penn staters due to a Psychedelic drug. MacMannis, 20,died Saturday  after he fell from the balcony on the ninth floor of Penn Tower and landed on Beaver Avenue. He was pronounced dead shortly after the coroner arrived early Saturday morning. The coroner ruled that his death was caused by head trauma sustained from the fall. Preliminary investigation indicates that drugs and alcohol were a factor in the tragic accident.

Over the last few days, the State College Police Department has responded to two calls for drug overdoses related to the use of “acid” or a similar type of drug. The initial investigation indicates the use of these drugs has resulted in the accidental death of a Penn State student and treatment of six other individuals for suspected drug overdose. In other words, someone is selling fake drugs.

This is why my blog stresses safety. This tragic accident is a result of drugs and alcohol. Know your limit, and don’t do drugs. Especially if you don’t really know what it is. After reading this story, I hope you take everything I said in my previous blogs into consideration.


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  1. I really don’t like it when this type of stuff happens. Just Say No! is the motto. This is so sad. I really hope that this is a wake up call for a lot of people to say away from drugs and alcohol. Hopefully, this tragic accident will urge people to make the right choices.

  2. It’s so sad that something like this happened because someone did not make the right choices. I also think it is sick that someone was selling fake drugs and endangering the lives of other people for their own benefit. People shouldn’t be taking drugs especially if they don’t know what it is.

  3. Nisrene Tabbara

    This tragic story couldn’t validate your blog enough! Safety should always come first even if drugs seem like they’re the cool thing. I agree with you that no one should do them and that everyone needs to make the smart choice over the “fun” one.

  4. This is the saddest story ever. I cant believe that someone would take a chance with other peoples lives and risk killing someone just to make a few bucks. Drugs are becoming increasingly dangerous with all the advances in the technology and science. The levels that these kids go to when they are under the influence is out of control and something needs to be done. This distributor needs to be arrested and help responsible for his actions. He is responsible for the death of a Penn State student. I also think the apartment complexes should be held responsible. Every year we hear about some tragic death of a student, another life lost because of drunkenness. The apartments need to get rid of the balconies that these drunk adults are falling off of. How many people have to die before a change is made? This is a tragedy and hopefully this tragedy will spark a change. Safety changes need to be made immediately.

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