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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

Hey guys!

This will be my last post. I hope you all found some of my tips very helpful. The point of this blog was to encourage safety while having fun in college. If you follow the tips I gave you, I am positive that you will do well in college. Be safe!!

I really enjoyed reading some of the feedback you gave on my posts. Some of them really did give me a good laugh. I’ll think about checking up on you guys in the near future to see if you really took my tips into consideration or not. Love you all! See ya !

I hope everyone has safe trips back home for Christmas break!

Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s current leader, was pronounced dead on Thursday. He was 95 years old.┬áNelson Mandela’s willingness to forgive and forget helped peacefully end an era of white domination in his native South Africa. But as news of his death spread, mourners there and around the world professed that he, himself, would never be forgotten.

“We’ve lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth,” said current U.S. President Barack Obama, the first black leader of his own country who said his first public activism was an anti-apartheid protest. “He no longer belongs to us. He belongs to the ages.” President Obama says.

He is in a better place now. May his soul rest in peace. His legacy will live on forever. Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela

Hang in there… Just Two More Weeks

Thanksgiving break is officially over for all college student, but guess what!? There’s another break coming, and this one is so much longer. Christmas break will be here in about two weeks. I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready already. Thanksgiving break wasn’t enough for me. Not only that, but I can’t to receive Christmas gifts. Yes… I am a 18 year old who still receive gifts from her parents. Don’t judge.

It’s funny because I stressed that people should study hard over break, but I didn’t. I planned on doing it, but it just ┬ádidn’t happen. So I did what you should NEVER do in college. I hope everyone does well on there upcoming exams!! Finish the semester strong. Hang in there.

See Ya