Penn State Crew is looking for athletes with or without prior rowing experience! This is for anyone looking for a competitive team atmosphere, rowing against top colleges across the nation.

Rowers are the power of the boat. Rowing is a full body exercise with emphasis on the legs.  They stroke the boat to victory!

Coxswains are the brains of the operation. They command and motivate rowers while strategizing during races.  Coxswains can be male or female and usually weigh around 125lbs.  They command the boat to victory!

Please visit for more information on how to join our team!

Penn State Crew Club

Practice Times:

SemesterDayTimeFacilityRoom or FieldStart Date - End Date
Fall 2019TBD

Officer Information:

PresidentZachary Corey
Vice PresidentNathaniel
TreasurerMadison Steele
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