The club is a great experience for anyone who joins, no matter what his/her goals are. Whether you’re a level 1 or a level 10, male or female, freshman or senior, you’re welcome in the Penn State Gymnastics Club where there’s never a dull moment and always a good time. The club is comprised of two teams, White team and Blue team. New members join a certain team depending on his/her skills and desire to compete or not. After joining, members have the choice of switching teams if his/her goals or time commitment changes. Blue team members have many years of experience in gymnastics and compete as the Penn State Club Team against other University club teams. It is also open to beginners who wish to train at a higher level than those on White team. For info about the league we compete in, see the NAIGC website.White team members have a very flexible practice schedule and they primarily do gymnastics for fun and exercise. They do not compete, although, some may move to Blue Team if they wish to. There are no minimum requirements to join either team. In order to compete on the blue team higher levels of skills are required as well as involvement in the club.


Practice Times:

SemesterDayTimeFacilityRoom or FieldStart Date - End Date
Fall 2019TBD

Officer Information:

Vice PresidentIssac
SecretaryStephanie O'
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