It Would be a Mistake for Democrats to Ditch Pelosi

The midterm elections resulted in a change of power in the House of Representatives. With the Democrats in control come January, there will also be a new Speaker of the House. The last Democratic Speaker of the House was Nancy Pelosi, the first female speaker, and she is the frontrunner for the position once again.

However, the incoming wave of young members, and the current young members of the Democratic caucus believe it is time for new, younger leadership. At the moment nobody except for Leader Pelosi is running, but when pressed, members have been suggesting that Marcia Fudge (D – OH) should run the replace Leader Pelosi.

While there are numerous highly qualified, respected, and dignified people in the caucus that could be speaker, there are none better suited than Nancy Pelosi for this position. She is the reason the Affordable Care Act was passed, rallying her entire caucus in the house around the bill, and so strongly supporting the legislation. And as she has been Minority Leader she has vigorously fought attempts to repeal the legislation.

She is the best campaigner and fundraiser in the entire Democratic Party in Washington, and she is a master deal-maker. She has all of the qualifications to be the Speaker once more, and she would be the only women leader in either chambers of Congress, and she is the strongest women in either branch.

Many Democrats are weary of putting her back in that position because the Republican Party consistently uses her as a target when running against House Democrats. They spent this entire election trying to tie Democratic House candidates to Nancy Pelosi, and have done that ever since she became the speaker. They have demonized her, and it worked to an extent in 2010 when they won the house back. But, that tactic has seemed to fade away. This year Democrats won 40 seats even with the right attacking her over and over again.

The Republicans despise Pelosi so much, partially because of her policy views, but it goes much further than that; the Republicans understand that she is the most effective legislator that the Democrats have, and with Pelosi in power the Democratic House will be much more effective in passing legislation, and actually placing a check on the President. In short, the Republicans are scared of her, and are trying to pit the Democrats against her, so there is a weaker Democratic House for them to deal with for the next two years.

Even Republican strategists are admitting this;

This is one of the most crucial Congress’ that this country will ever see, and the Democrats need to go in with an experienced leader and someone who is capable of getting their agenda and message passed and across to the American people, while also using their oversight responsibility. They cannot mess this up by turning on their own leader, and creating turmoil within their own party when they need to be unified, especially leading into 2020 where they need to be together in the fight to defeat Trump.

If they push somebody to run against Pelosi, and Pelosi winds up losing they will cripple their party’s chances of effectively opposing this administration and instead will be in a battle for control of the party, and Republicans will seize on that and prosper in 2020 again. Democrats need a unifying voice, a strong female voice, and an experienced leader in these troubled times, and Nancy Pelosi is the person to take the reins and lead House Democrats for at least the next two years.