Republicans Care About The Deficit Again

Following President Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 there was an insurgence of fiscally “responsible” conservatives running for congress. They called themselves the “Tea Party“, and in 2010 led the push for Republicans to take back the House of Representatives.

Since that midterm they have held control of the house, and every year railed the Obama administration and Democrats as a whole for running up the deficit. They forget to mention that Obama was working on getting the country out of the greatest recession since the Great Depression, deficits are going to go up in the time. There is a lack of revenue going into the federal government and a need to try and stimulate the economy with government spending in order to get out of the recession. With that being said, Democrats reduced the deficit that had accrued over the first few years in the Obama administration by the end of his eight years.

Office of Management and Budget

Now, with Republicans, the fiscally responsible and Conservative party, in full control of the government have seen an increase in the deficit with each year they were in power. That is not only hypocritical, it is also astonishing given that they are serving under a sound economy, not one in turmoil like the Democrats had. Bill Clinton’s administration even had a budget surplus for three years.

Government spending hasn’t increased drastically to cause this spike in the deficit, so what happened?

The Republicans, last year, passed a massive tax cut for the wealthiest people in this country and argued that the increase in economic growth would offset the rise in the deficit. Well that didn’t happen, the deficit rose 17% just this year to $779 billion.

Instead the government saw a decrease in the amount of money coming in, and no decrease in spending to offset that discrepancy, so the deficit inevitably increased. Now, as the Republicans try to throw their Tea Party hats back on and cry about the budget, after giving their corporate donors billion of dollars in tax cuts, they are calling for cuts to the three major entitlement programs; social security, medicare, and medicaid.

This is exactly what Democrats said would happen when this tax bill was being debated in congress.

The Democrats saw this coming as soon as the debate began, Republicans would appease their wealthy donors and the top 1% and then afterwards they would attack the middle and lower class Americans that need these programs to live in order to reduce the deficit.

It’s a disgusting policy proposal. Republicans are currently selling out the interests of hardworking families across this country for those at the top because they want to continue getting their campaigns funded.

Republicans never actually cared about the deficit. If they did, they wouldn’t have passed this massive tax cut for the wealthy that will raise the deficit by nearly $1 trillion dollars in the next decade. They wouldn’t continue to increase the military spending in this country even though we spend more than the next seven countries combined. They also would have applauded both President Clinton and Obama for reducing the deficit during their terms in office.

However, they do what is politically expedient and what will make the wealthiest in this country happier, even if it hurts ordinary Americans.

To put all of this in perspective, if the Republicans hadn’t cut taxes twice since 2000, they hadn’t increased military spending nearly every year since 2000, and they hadn’t sent us into the disaster that is Afghanistan we would have a budget surplus right now.

Republicans consistently lie about their principles in order to get elected and then do a complete 180 on those promises once in office, and manage to become more damaging to the deficit than Democrats are.

In the past almost 40 years, every single Republican President has increased the deficit, due to tax cuts for the richest Americans, and both Democratic Presidents have reduced the deficit.

U.S. Department of Treasury

Next time you hear a Republican lecture about how democrats overspend like crazy and are the cause for the deficit, remind them of this. Show them that every Republican since Reagan has increased the deficit in this country, and watch them become speechless or hear them complain endlessly about too many people getting too much healthcare.