ASB-SICB statistics

ASB & SICB conference statistics

By Jonas Rubenson

In 2017 we ran the ASB-SICB joint symposium at the American Society of Biomechanics meeting (Boulder, CO).  The meeting was intended to showcase the excellent biomechanics research that is conducted by Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology (SICB) members.  We wanted to ‘introduce’ the societies and to stimulate dialogue between ASB and SICB members.

While some of us span the comparative and human biomechanics fields, the ASB and SICB have an obvious bias towards human-focused and non-human focused research, respectively.  By surveying the submitted abstracts of the 2016/17 meetings we assessed that only very few abstracts on non-human research find their way into the ASB. Likewise, few human-based studies are presented at SICB.  We do not have similar statistics for the ISB and SEB at this point, but our sense is that the same applies for these societies.


We believe that breaking this division will benefit both the ISB and ASB (as well as ‘Biology’ societies such as SICB and SEB).  Comparative research provides a wealth of knowledge into basic biomechanic principles.  It can p also rove crucial in solving our bioengineering and healthcare challenges (bio-inspired robotics is but one example).  As the August Krogh Principle states: for every problem their is an animal on which it can be most conveniently studied.

The CNB aims to be a venue for integrative neuromuscular biomechanics research that spans human and comparative disciplines.

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