CNB Workshop 2020, August 3rd, 2020

‘Integrative Muscle Modelling for Neuromechanics’


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10:00-10:15 Monica Daley and Greg Sawicki: Workshop and CNB working group goals.

Module 1: Experimental approaches: What are the challenges to integrating across organizational scales from molecules to whole-animal movement?

10:15-10:45  Talk 1: Simon Sponberg and Natalie Holt

10:45-11:30  Brainstorming Breakout Session 1 (45 minutes)     

11:30- 12:00 Group Discussion (30 minutes)   



Module 2: modeling muscle dynamics: What are the barriers to accurate modeling and prediction of dynamic movement?

12:30-13:00 Talk 2: Friedl deGroote and Madhu Venkadesan

13:00-13:45 Brainstorming Breakout Session 2  (45 minutes)

13:45-14:15 Group Discussion (30 minutes)

Wrap Up

14:15-14:30 Talk 3: Wrap up: Monica Daley and Greg Sawicki:  To be continued at ISB 2021! 

Social Hour

14:30- 15:30 PM Virtual Social in

Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming session activities:  Brainstorming sessions will happen in Zoom breakout rooms running in parallel. We will break up into ~10 discussion groups with ~5 participants with a facilitator and spokesperson assigned to each group. The first ~20 minutes will be free-form discussion of the focus question and developing ideas.  The last half of the session should be used to collate a summary answer from the group.  A spokesperson should be nominated to present a 2-3-minute summary for the wrap-up session.  Facilitators will be assigned to each group to watch time-keeping, take notes and ensure the sessions are recorded. The organizers will collate the notes and distribute these to all participants following the workshop, with the aim of drafting a multi-authored perspective article based on the workshop discussion. 


Brainstorming breakout session 1 (45 minutes): Characterizing muscle function: Experimental challenges to integrating across organizational scales from molecules to whole-animal movement.

Q: What are the key gaps in knowledge and what tools/approaches are needed to fill them? 

Task: Create list of three experimental aims/approaches that are most needed, and discuss.


Brainstorming breakout session 2  (45 minutes): Modeling muscle dynamics: Barriers to accurate modeling and prediction of dynamic movement.

Q: What are the empirical, theoretical, computational or other practical barriers that currently limit accurate modeling and prediction of muscle function during dynamic movement? 

Task: Outline a ‘best-practice’ process for validating models against experimental data

Follow-up @ISB 2021

Follow up events @ISB 2021 will include Keynote speakers, a half-day workshop and a poster session, with awards for best posters from early career participants. We hope that most workshop participants at this virtual meeting will also participate in CNB@ISB 2021. We have secured funding from the Company of Biologists to support small grants for early career researchers to participate, which will be awarded based on an open call for abstracts.



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