CNB Symposium 2019

Comparative biomechanics across organizational scales (tissues to whole body dynamics)

The inaugural CNB Symposium will be held in conjunction with the ISB / ASB 2019 meeting in Calgary, AB, Canada (July 31 – August 4). This symposium will highlight a range of comparative studies across organizational scales from tissues to integrated systems and whole body dynamics. Speakers will present innovative research in comparative animal biomechanics and neuromechanics, highlighting the potential applications of their findings in more applied fields such as human sports science and rehabilitation, bio-inspired robotics and human-assistive devices.

OrganizersMonica Daley (Royal Veterinary College, UK); Craig McGowan (University of Idaho)


  • Mariana Kersh (University of Illinois, USA)
  • Spencer Lake (Washington University, St Louis, USA)
  • Natalie Holt (Northern Arizona University, USA)
  • Manny Azizi (UC Irvine, USA)
  • Heather More (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
  • Kiisa Nishikawa (Northern Arizona University, USA)
  • Greg Sawicki (Georgia Tech, USA)
  • Stacey Shield (U. Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Christian Hubicki (Florida State U, USA)

CNB-affiliated Symposia

Meeting: ISB / ASB 2019, Calgary, AB, Canada, July 31- August 4.

SymposiumUsing Musculoskeletal Modelling in Comparative Biomechanics

OrganizersTaylor Dick (University of Queensland); Christofer Clemente (University of the Sunshine Coast)


  • Christofer Clemente (University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia) and Taylor Dick (University of Queensland, Australia), Chairs
  • Jonas Rubenson (Penn State, USA)
  • Friedl De Groote (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • James Charles (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Ashley Heers (Cal State, USA)


Meeting: Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) 2019, Seville, Spain, July 5.

Symposium: Sensorimotor and mechanical factors underlying stable and agile legged locomotion

OrganizersAleksandra Birn-Jeffery (Queen Mary, University of London); Monica Daley (Royal Veterinary College, UK)

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Kiisa Nishikawa (Northern Arizona University, USA) 

  • James Finley (University of Southern California, USA) 

  • Amir Patel (University of Cape Town, South Africa) 

  • Charlotte Le Mouel (Computational Neuroscience of Sensory Systems, Institut de la Vision, France) 

Other Meetings of Interest