Undergraduate Applicants

The Cole Emotion Regulation Lab is currently recruiting undergraduate research assistants for the Development of Self-Regulation Dynamics (Dyn-O-SR) study and the Processing of the Emotional Environment Project (PEEP). The Development of Toddlers Study (DOTS) is not currently recruiting research assistants.

For all projects, RAs attend weekly team meetings (1 hour) and work in the lab for 9 hours a week.  Work schedules can be adapted to students’ schedules (days, evenings, and weekends) and students must commit to working for in the lab for at least 2 semesters to gain the best experiences.  Depending upon the project, students may learn to collect data, analyze data, or both.  We also provide career counseling (job prospects, grad school applications).   Some students seek additional experiences, such as their own research projects, conference posters, and participation in manuscript preparation.  For more information, contact Dr. Pamela Cole in the Psychology Department (pmc5@psu.edu).  To apply, download and complete our application and send it to Dr. Cole.

Click here for Undergraduate RA application