Research Staff


Post Doctoral Scholar

Niyantri Ravindran

Niyantri earned her PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Illinois. Her doctoral work focused on understanding the dynamics of parent-child interactions during emotionally challenging situations, at both behavioral and physiological levels. As part of her doctoral research, Niyantri utilized various advanced statistical techniques to examine moment-to-moment fluctuations in parent and child behavior and physiology. Niyantri is excited to join the Development of Self-Regulation Project and expand her program of research and skill set by acquiring new conceptual approaches and methodological tools to examine the dynamics of self-regulation in both parents and children.

Research Assistants

Lindsey Green

Lindsey earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Minor in Philosophy from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. As an undergraduate, Lindsey worked in the Individual Differences and Developmental Psychopathology Lab at Georgia State and spent a semester at KU Leaven, in Belgium, working with the School Psychology and Development in Context group.

Her research interests include developmental psychopathology, personality, and prosocial behavior. Specifically, she is interested in the way individual differences in temperament interact with environmental factors, such as parenting, to influence trajectories toward or away from maladaptive outcomes.  Lindsey is excited to acquire more skills and knowledge working with the Development of Self Regulation team!



Bre Genaro

Bre graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. At Bryn Mawr, Bre was involved in research investigating emotionally reactive problems during the preschool period across 21 different societies using the CBCL. Bre was also involved in research projects at Boston University and Temple University investigating the genetic and environmental impacts on the occurrence and stability of problem behaviors in twins and the relationship between various personality factors and motivation for rewards, respectively.


Bre plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology, focusing on the development of emotion regulation in children at-risk for mood disorders and the variation in emotion regulation strategies and problems within various cultural contexts.





Kayla McCreadie

Kayla received her Bachelor of Science in psychology and sociology minor from the Pennsylvania State University in May, 2018. As an undergraduate, she helped with data collection and emotion coding for the Development of self-regulation project and has advanced to a full time position as a research technologist. Kayla has also worked directly with children who have autism and/or learning disabilities in various school settings.




She is interested in how emotion regulation impairments and associated behaviors impact school readiness for children with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. Additionally, Kayla is interested in how assessments and interventions are created and administered based on this knowledge.




Jaclyn Yuro

Jaclyn Yuro graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Psychology and Italian and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. During her undergraduate years, she worked in both the Cognition, Affect, and Temperament Lab and the Bilingualism and Language Development Lab at Penn State, allowing her to gain research experience in multiple areas.

Her research interests have been refined into the way in which various developmental factors, including parenting and self-regulation, in early childhood play a role in psychopathology development. She is especially interested in how knowledge of these processes can be used to create interventions. In the future, Jaclyn hopes to earn a PhD in child clinical or developmental psychology and she is excited to join the Development of Self-Regulation project as her next step!