July 10: MSR information updated; screening process update and a AAMC webinar for class of 2021; professional attire guidelines for Class of 2022 updated

July 7: PPE Distribution info for third year students

July 1: Clerkship updates

June 26: Added information on campus ramp-up efforts

June 25: Added updates for the Class of 2022

June 16: Clarification regarding clerkship assignments and self-assessments; Lion’s Pantry dates posted

June 8: Letter for away rotations added

June 5: Letter to Class of 2021 added

June 4: Away rotation guidelines updated

June 2: MSR information updated

May 27: Updates for International and Domestic Travel and Quarantine posted for medical and PA students

May 26: Travel policy updated; tuition letter added for MD (Hershey and UP) and PA programs

May 22: Added return-to-clinical-rotation and away rotation information for Class of 2021; posted Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund letter from Student Aid