K & A: Relationship Chronicles


                                 Kaleb and Alice!

This class has given me many opportunities to grow as a person and in my relationship through watching films and our discussions afterwards. Yep, I am going to get personal and talk about how these movies have shown me different aspects where I (and maybe you) can improve. The girl in the selfie is Alice Cai and we have been dating for a little over two years. Our relationship has been very fulfilling, and I cannot imagine college without her although – this was not always the case. Similar to Tracy Lord, when I entered college my ego was out of control. Simply put, I was not open to learning from everyone and everything around me.

10801543_10205397309001245_5947302337541464181_n            That is why I found Dexter as a character so interesting, he embraced that he doesn’t know everything. In fact, that is what made him so important in the film; he allowed Tracy to make her own conclusions. The dynamic of Tracy and Dexter is perfect, because they both are pushing each other to grow as individuals. The film reminded me that you should be encouraging your partner to grow, and embrace the person they are becoming.

1. Progression

     In Hitchcock’s film, “Rear Window,” the final scene shows the couple Lisa and Jeff in a cute scene relaxing on their balcony. This is important in the film, because it shows their progression from spying on their neighbors in secret, to connecting with their community. Importantly, Lisa is reading an adventure novel until Jeff falls asleep, then she exposes that she was actually secretly reading a fashion magazine. Since Jeff demanded Lisa to become more adventurous, she felt pressured to satisfy his expectations. This however is contrary to Dexter, because Dexter supports Tracy’s development and embraces whoever and whatever Tracy becomes.

2. Acceptance

10296754_10205499710921229_6501105937410715213_n     The final thing that made an impact on me was a feature film called “Dirty Beautiful” from The College Town Film Festival. In this movie, a homeless woman spontaneously jumps into a random guy’s car at an intersection after the man she was with was being abusive. They both decide to try living together as a couple to see if it will work. They both had significant personal issues, but regardless of how much they hurt each other they always forgave with an open heart.

3. Forgiveness

            The three biggest things I have tried to incorporate into my daily life are supporting Alice’s personal growth, accepting any changes, and forgiving any mistakes along the way. This class has shown me that I do not want to be complacent in any relationship – family, friends, etc.

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