Excellent talk on video games & politics

Anyone interested in hearing a smart, scholarly analysis of video games and politics should check out Austin Walker’s recent talk delivered at New York University Game Genter, entitled “Making and Playing Games in a Time of Political Struggle.” Walker is the Editor-in-Chief of VICE Media’s gaming website, Waypoint. An audio version of the talk is located […]

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Radio Notes and Quick Update

Hey folks! I just wanted to let you all know that notes for this week are now posted (FYI: they will never be posted this late in the week again…sorry about that). I encourage you all to check them out and to pursue some of links I put inside the document. I also encourage everyone to […]

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Week Three Update

Hey folks. A few quick things. First, I recorded a quick audio update about the schedule that you can access by clicking on the embedded media player at the bottom of this post. Second, I will have feedback on your reading questions from last week graded ASAP and the questions for this week’s reading will be […]

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