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Notes from yesterday’s class

Hey folks. I took a bunch of the material that I covered in yesterday’s lecture and compiled it into two Powerpoint presentations that you can download at your leisure. The files include some snippets from the reading assignments, images, and links to relevant material that I either showed in class or directed you toward. I hope you find […]

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Updates and Important Reminders

Hey folks. I posted the guidelines for Media Critiques, which are accessible here and through ‘Assignments’ in the menu above. Both the schedule and the guidelines for leading class discussion are also now located under ‘Assignments’. I’ll be updating the weekly schedule with supplementary readings and links this weekend. I’ll be taking a closer look at everyone’s tweets and blog […]

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Hi folks! Welcome to the website for Introduction to Media & Politics (COMM 292). There will be plenty of updates to the content during the first week of class, but the basic information you need for the course (syllabus, schedule of weekly assignments, etc) are accessible through the menu items above. Please take a look […]

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