Week 3 (Sept 9)

Propaganda as Social Control


For today:

  • Read – Excerpts from Edward Bernays, Propaganda *This won’t take you long to read, and we’ll go over the juicy quotes in class.
  • Read – Excerpts from Stuart Ewen, PR: A Social History of Spin * Give yourself some time to read this one, and be sure to take notes in places where you have questions or need clarification from me in class (in addition to things you find interesting, odd, or even problematic). 
  • DUE TODAY – Create Twitter and blog.
    Both your Twitter handle and your blog need to be 1) created by today’s class, and 2) utilized throughout this week, per my instructions in the syllabus. Additionally, each of you need to 3) send me an email, prior to the start of class, that includes the URL address of your blog and your Twitter handle – I will post them as links on the front page of our website, so that you can engage with each other’s writing outside of class (should you choose to do so).
  • KEYWORDS – Propaganda, Public Relations (PR), Stereotype

For further reading and research:

  • Edward Bernays, Propaganda (full text)
  • Noam Chomsky on a 1996 BBC program talking about the ‘Propagandized Media‘. Note: The soundtrack is a bit off from the video, but it is still very informative.

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