Jane L. Brooks

“While you’re doing it, it is sort of a lonely kind of feeling, even though you are surrounded by so many people giving beyond the call…”

This is a quote I found from the director of Broadcast News James L. Brooks. I think that this could easily be a line from Holly Hunter’s character Jane.

Jane feels lonely, and that is why she cries silently every day. She feels lonely so she fall for a good-looking guy she meet, she is so desperate that she invited him over to her room the same day they meet. She feels all this weight on her shoulders from her job, but she does not realize that she has other people that support her, so she feels alone.

It is known that James L Brooks has an OCD character in all of this movies, and on this film, it is Jane. It could be argued that Brooks took some a page from his own life as a basis of Jane. In the quote, Brooks is talking about making movies:

“That’s generally true of movies, there’s a sense of urgency, people risking their tail, people working past exhaustion. That’s what moviemaking is. It’s lonely because you asked all of them to work that hard for this idea you had.”

This could be compared to Jane, when she got promoted to executive producer, she was in charge of all the people working there, and she knew that. But she also knew that she could not do anything to help them when they got laid off.

Can you guys recall any other OCD moments that Jane had that could be applied to James L Brooks’ quote?

Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000985/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm

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