Some Things You May Not Have Known About Broadcast News

Marc Shaiman Glen Roven who play News Theme Writers, are real-life composers who have also done television jingles. Shaiman, after doing Broadcast News, went on to score major motion picture films and has since been nominated for five Academy Awards.

John Cusack is credited as “Angry Messenger”. During the staff firings, a young man yells “sons-a bitches!” and angrily throws a messenger bag to the office floor. We don’t see the character’s face, but the voice sounds like Cusack’s.

Holly Hunter was cast two days before shooting was to begin to replace the pregnant Debra Winger, for whom the part had been written.

Al Brooks revealed that when he first read the script, the scene where Aaron does a weekend broadcast simply noted “Something bad happens to Aaron on the air.” Albert was watching CNN when a reporter he’d never seen before (and hasn’t seen since) began sweating badly. Albert phoned writer/director James L. Brooks at three in the morning and stated that Aaron HAD to start sweating profusely.

Jack Nicholson was not paid for his role, at his own request.



2 thoughts on “Some Things You May Not Have Known About Broadcast News

  1. knk5069

    Thanks for sharing these! The jingles guys! That was a great short part of the movie and that’s neat to know one went on to be nominated for the Oscars. That is pretty ironic that Jack Nicholson didn’t get paid for his role, and played the guy at the top of the payroll.

  2. Gerouyun Chen

    It is really interesting to know these things. I always like to know these funny stories that happened behind the scene. Because I could have a rough idea of how the movie being produced by knowing these background stories. At the same time, I could know what interesting backstage stuffs, especially those happen accidentally and coincidently, contribute to a great movie.

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