Digital Nation

Just as its title implies, we are a digital nation now. Or even to be more specific, we are a digital world now. I found this documentary film is such a great project that actually recording down those details that us ourselves might not even realize yet. It’s so true that we see digital devices everywhere and all the time. No matter where you and what you are doing, you always can see many people around you are using cell phones, ipads, and laptops. This film was made to ask us the question, “What do those technologies mean to you”?

When internet first came out, people all admire how it works, considering it as the world most useful inventing. However, now when you ask about it again, some people might hesitate, it’s just that it is so powerful that it changed our way of living. It became a necessary item in our daily life, just like oxygen and water. But is it really good for us in this way? I do not like to totally negate what Internet has brought us, I think that is just too absolute and unwise. We should have the more objective perspective to consider it. Internet is helpful and with it, it has made our living so much easier and much more convenient. However, when it eventually took the main part of our lives and started blocking the real interaction between us and others, then it became a problem.

However, I believe this is a self-choice thing. Internet is a tool, the one makes the decision to use the tool is us. I think to fix this social phenomenon, we should start with ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Digital Nation

  1. lls5257

    This documentary reminded me how easily we can become addicted to technology because it is so integrated in our culture and how society operates now increasingly through work and education. With so many of us owning smartphones with limitless apps and access to the Internet, it can be very consuming, especially to our youth since more and more are being exposed at younger ages. However, technology is not the problem but how people are allowing themselves to use it. If you are disciplined enough than you can control your usage and how you interact with others. As long as technology isn’t disrupting relationships and being used more than face-to-face interaction, than it’s a fun way to be organized, keep in touch with friends or for entertainment.

  2. Krista Krebs

    I am a technology enthusiast, even curving my career path in technology as an IST student. However, digital distraction for me is a serious problem, and information overload can lead to my anxiety. There is so much to learn in the tech world, and I can learn it all through the internet. Everything I need to know is out there, I just need the time to sift through and learn it all about whatever I want. With technology changing so quickly, I feel pressure to keep up with the most recent coding languages, video production software, and what are the tech blogs are talking about. But this can be too much, and the overwhelmingness can lead to anxiety and lower my productivity to accomplish none of what I want to. I agree that it is a self-choice thing, or rather a self-control issue. It has never been easier to be distracted in our society. So it is like, with great access to information, comes great responsibility, or need for self-control. If you jump down the rabbit hole of the internet and get too caught up the effects can be devastating. I need to focus on being able to take a step back when I feel I am getting too caught up in being able to know all of the information, because it is absolutely impossible to know it all, no matter what the internet leads you to believe.

  3. Brooke Rachel Schwartz

    I agree with this post. I think that mankind has always been inventing ways to connect with one another. Mail, telegrams, phone calls… and now videochat. The internet allows people living in different places to work together and to connect. I think there is an almost infinitely long list of why internet and technology is good, and on the other side there is a slightly less long list of why it is bad. We could debate the pros and cons of the internet for hours, even days. I certainly fall under the category of those who do some work, switch to Netflix, do some more work, switch to Facebook. I am sure that this has some sort of hindrance on my ability to create one cohesive piece of work, but sometimes that is how I work best. There is a happy medium, technology that is used to distract don’t belong in the classroom or at a dinner table, but it is not to say that there aren’t extremely beneficial aspects of technology. At my internship this summer one of my superiors worked from home in Pennsylvania while the rest of the team was in New York. She gave me just as much work as anyone else through email. Technology has made her life easier because she is able to be home and work just as efficiently as anyone else in New York.

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