Digital Nation

I thought this was a great film that explored a lot of interesting advances and problems with technology.  One thing I really liked that the movie covered was the changes in education do to computers and technology.  Technology has allowed education to change very dramatically.  I have been able to witness this change first hand; moving from writing papers on a notepad to using a blog like this for class.  The change has been very positive and allows students to learn in a different, modern way.  But, technology has still created many different problems and challenges we must face.  The studies discussed in the film show that computers can actually be a distraction for students and impair their learning ability in some cases.  In addition to that, there has been a massive group of people who have become addicted to technology, whether it be there phone or gaming.  I think that the film takes the correct approach in discussing technology, believing in the saying “three steps forward, two steps back”.

2 thoughts on “Digital Nation

  1. lls5257

    I also agree that having an entire school learn solely on video games teaches children that they need to know the answer quickly. Balance is key. There are so many other ways to engage childrens’ need for learning than relying on technology. I think that the age at which children should be utilizing technology is very questionable because starting too soon may develop bad habits such as giving up after only attempting a problem after a couple tries.

  2. Krista Krebs

    I agree. I think education should be adapting to technology. However, to have an entire school that learns only through games, like the one depicted in Digital Nation, seems ridiculous to me. Computer games can be a great tool for learning, but should not be the only tool for learning. I don’t believe solely educational computer games would prepare you for the job market of today. We need the interpersonal skills, especially to be able to advance in our society.

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