Digital Nation

With the blog, podcast, Twitter’s development . “media” forms such as the emergence of the network into the era of digital. Internet users can be information gatherers and publishers, the traditional waiters and recipients of one-way relationship is broken. In today’s Internet age, the virtual network society into social media for an acquaintance society, the interpersonal relationship of joining in the network, to a certain extent, strengthened the network role in solving the problem of social reality. When the Internet into our life world, it soon became an integral part of our life, meet people’s cognition to become a whole new world. Cognitive rightly belong to the needs of the senior level. However, in today’s era of rapidly changing and increasingly complex society, cognitive needs has become a basic need of people. In modern times, people in all kinds of information convergence in the ocean, to a certain information, which can identify to eliminate uncertainty, you need some information to assist, to a large extent on the Internet can meet people’s growing cognitive needs. In a sense, the Internet is like a huge, open, flat at any time, very convenient, provides the new knowledge in the library, it can be anywhere at any time to search for his knowledge or information you need.

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