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The Social Network

This is perhaps my favorite film because it really shows the story of facebook. This is something I use at least once a day and seeing how it was created is a real interesting story. Mainly Zuckerburg was a real asshole. It is kind of crazy watching this man burn so many bridges and lose such close friends just for no real reason. I never understood during the movie why exactly he would screw over the friend that helped him so much in the start. We see a real self centered arrogant young man and it really shows the site of facebook really is not a happy place. There is as much drama on our daily news feeds as there was in making the site itself.


this film does a great job of poking fun at our culture and habits while still being funny and entertaining. One of the great spoofs of this show is that of jackass through ow my balls. We see (in the movie) a show that is dedicated to a man getting hit in the sack over and over in more ridiculous ways. Sadly, this is fairly close to what a lot of today’s TV is about. Shows and movies like Jackass really glorify being stupid and doing things that are self harming just to get a few cheap laughs.


In one of the most twisted films we have watched all semester we see a very smart film on a world in which we gorge ourselves on every pleasure or fantasy we want. This is largely do to the creation of the internet. Through this we all can quite literally have any sick thing we want to see with a few keyboard clicks and the press of the mouse. This creates a world of de-sensitization and an overall disconnect from what we would normally view as disturbing material.


This is perhaps my favorite movie we have viewed all semester long. I really enjoyed the aspect of the making of a movie, within a movie. When we look at this film through the eyes of those making it. What I loved most about this movie is learning what started an entire genre of film. This film (being the original) was such a powerful film because it gave audiences something they have always longed to see in a feature film. This inspired movies like Django unchained down the line which still follows the same lines of what Sweet Sweetbacks badass song started decades earlier.

Talk Radio

Talk radio is such a well done movie because it really shows the sick nature of a media audience. For example: everyone calls this guy up to just get laid in to. It plays with the idea of relying soley on another person to tell us right from wrong. People are so dependent on another persons words they will let themselves be berated. The end scene is very moving when he just loses his mind on everyone but they still call in.

Meet John Doe

This film does a really good job of putting us int he shoes of the average every day man. The irony in this film is that he becomes more then the average man. You are no longer the everyday guy if your face is seen all across the nation. A great scene is when he is in the diner and everyone knows who he is.

Park Row

This film really stuck out to me because I never watch older movies. What I liked most about this movie was that had a very clear sense of moral standing and how the paper works. I also liked that, while the plot was serious, it also had some lighter moments as well. The film struck out to me because the editing and the pacing was very well done. I find myself very bored in older films but during this movie it was not the case. I found it very interesting how well it showed the struggle of newspapers and also how much of a business driven thing it is. More often than not it is about the money not the principles. Charity was a great showing of this. She only wanted to squash the globe and create stories that would be sensationalized and sell her more papers. Mitchell on the other hand, believed in honest journalism. At first, he seemed more about getting stories but after his friend died and shared his wisdom he realized the errors of those ways. Both he and Charity changed through out the course of the film. I also enjoyed that they did not turn this into a generic love story, even though Mitchell could have had her huge staff. The use of wardrobe was very smart in this movie, especially with Charity. Whom first worse dark clothing but later in the film began wearing lighter clothing that reflected her in a more like able way.