Media Log- Partnership Boosts Users Over China’s Great Firewall

Medium: Newspaper
Vehicle: The New York Times
Reporters/writers: Paul Mozur
Date: 9/14/15
Headline: Partnership Boosts Users Over China’s Great Firewall
Company/business involved: CloudFlare, Baidu
Your client: CloudFlare

A partnership between CloudFlare, an American start-up security company, and Baidu, a Chinese internet behemoth that’s the equivalent to Google, has created a fast lane that speeds up internet traffic across China’s border. They are establishing a new and attractive business model with benefits for other American technology firms trying to do business in China, but also improving Chinese international communications.


“Joshua Motta, left, Carmen Chang and Matthew Price in the San Francisco offices of the security start-up CloudFlare.” (Jason Henry for The New York Times).

This news coverage is positive. It is stressing the improving relations between American and Chinese businesses, hinting of future endeavors that will benefit both nations’ industries. CloudFlare is the first to seek out a virtual joint venture with the Chinese, and its success shines the company in a good light. The message of the story about the company ultimately depicts CloudFlare as an intuitive, progressive company pushing the boundaries of intimidation. Their open-mindedness and modest coding (which they hold firm confidence in sharing with the Chinese) allowed relations to be established with the politically sensitive tech industry in China. All tech companies are widely impacted, as this creates new possibilities for both American and Chinese tech firms; the Chinese have significantly faster services and a chance to expand their target audiences, Americans are able to tap into Chinese industries by expanding their present businesses’ scope of intelligence. The mutual benefits of the partnership between CloudFlare and Baidu encourage a positive public perception of the two companies.

PR folks should continue to follow up on the businesses growth and progress, continuing to shine publicity on not only their technological advances, but on the resulting political, economic and social advances the partnership is enabling. Thereby, the companies progress can potentially be seen as more influential and attract further funding.

A news release most likely generated the story. The factual nature depicting great success was probably released to show the technology industry the progress being made in international business relations, to encourage adjustments to other tech projects taking place.

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