Current faculty

Donna Bahry

democratization, transitions, ethnicity, federalism, Soviet and post-Soviet politics

Lee Ann Banaszak

political behavior, social movements, women and politics

Xun Cao

political geography, environment, energy and climate change, ethnic violence, China

Elizabeth Carlson

political behavior, experimental methods, political economy, development, Africa

Gretchen Casper

democratization, new democracies, civil conflict, comparative political elites, Asia

Matthew Golder

electoral rules, party systems, democratic representation, methodology

Sona N. Golder

coalition politics, elite bargaining, government formation, Europe

Burt Monroe

electoral and legislative institutions, Bayesian, measurement models, text analysis

James Piazza

terrorism, political violence, Middle East, Muslim world

Joseph Wright

dictatorships, global development, political economy, foreign aid, migration

Vineeta Yadav

corruption, judicial politics, economic development, surveys, Brazil, India, China

Boliang Zhu

foreign investment, corruption, public opinion on globalization, survey experiments, China, East Asia

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